Message From The Director

Welcome to the Western Transportation Institute!

We’re glad you’re here to find out more about what we do, and more importantly, what we can do working together.

At WTI, we believe that Rural Matters, and for the last twenty years we’ve worked hard to show that “rural” covers a lot of ground – both literally and figuratively.

Improving transportation to and through areas is not as simple as widening a road or adding a warning sign.  We take a holistic approach to addressing challenges, so that the solutions are comprehensive, site-specific, and most importantly, effective.  Then we carry out the work using teams of nationally and internationally-recognized experts on topics such as:

  • Safety – both engineering and the human behavior side
  • Road Ecology and Environmental Sustainability
  • Infrastructure, Operations and Maintenance
  • Public transportation and multi-modal networks
  • Advanced Technologies and integrated systems

We are based in the beautiful Rocky Mountains and conducted much of our pioneering research here in the West. But nearly every state in the U.S. has large expanses of rural regions and hundreds to thousands of miles of rural roads, and our work supports USDOT priorities to enhance safety and mobility in rural as well as urban areas.  We have helped state, regional, and local transportation agencies in more than 40 states, including places like California and New York, and we’re still growing.  In fact many of our newest projects are being conducted internationally – through our partnerships with more than 20 countries, we bring our innovations to them, and they share theirs with us.

If you have a transportation challenge that we might be able to address or an idea for a research collaboration, please contact one of my talented staff members on the Staff Directory page, or pick up the phone and call me.  It’s an exciting time in transportation innovation, so let’s get moving!