MSU Students take Presentation Awards at I-HEEP Conference

The Highway Engineering Exchange Program (HEEP) is an international organization that promotes advances in transportation engineering through the exchange of knowledge and information technology. The 2016 International HEEP Conference was held September 11-15 in Helena, Montana.

HEEP offers a student competition with cash prizes as part of its Educator Student Participation Program (ESP). Maia Grudzien, an MSU undergraduate in Civil Engineering mentored by Computer Science faculty member Brittany Fasy, took home the top student prize of $1,000 for her presentation on “Safer Roads Tomorrow through Analyzing Today’s Accidents.” Sam Micka, a PhD student in Computer Science mentored by faculty advisor Brendan Mumey, received the second place award of $750 for his presentation on “Efficient Monitor Placement for Multipath Traffic Flows.”

Student presenters provide a 20 minute presentation before the general meeting audience and a judging panel during the IHEEP annual conference. Presenters are evaluated based on their understanding of the subject, the strength of their oral presentations, effective use of presentation aids, professional appearance and demeanor, and their interactions with the audience. Congratulations to our two MSU award winners and their faculty mentors!

Welcome to the Unpaved Roads Institute

The Road Dust Institute (RDI) has changed its name to the Unpaved Roads Institute (URi) to better reflect the increased interest general unpaved road management issues. We would like to welcome you to our new website.  First conceptualized in 2008, we are continually evolving with input and support from our founding partners and the Federal Lands Highway of FHWA.  Today, URi is ready to assist industry, local governments, and private landowners with the design and maintenance of our nation’s unpaved roads.Image of Home Page Unpaved Roads Institute