On US 93 North along the 56 mile stretch of highway, there are:

  • 41 fish and wildlife-crossing structures
  • 60 jumpouts
  • 18 miles of fencing
  • 8.7 miles of road length with fencing on both sides

The crossing structures were placed in areas that have a history of wildlife crossings and wildlife mortality, and/or locations where the surrounding landscape and land use was best suited for the crossing structures.  Structures were typically located at stream crossings and areas with protected habitat on both sides of the road.

Part of the success of wildlife crossing structures comes from animals having a sense of security while approaching or crossing through the structures.  We appreciate your enthusiasm, but please do not enter the wildlife crossing structures!


Expansion Bridge                                                                                6 x 4 Concrete Box Culvert

expansion_bridge 6x4-box-underpass

Corrugated Metal Arch Culverts

Underpass underpass_culvert underpass_fence Corr_metal_arch_culvertunderpass_w_car_from_MDT underpass_round_culvert



overPASS overpass_distant



Over eight miles of road with 8-foot high wildlife fencing on both sides keeps wildlife from entering the highway and directs them towards crossing structures.

fence wildlife fencing

Jump Outs

Sixty “jump outs” allow wildlife to jump to the other side of the fence safely should they somehow be caught in the fenced road corridor.

jumpout_close jumpout_green

Wildlife Crossing Guards

Wildlife crossing guards modeled after cattle guards or “Texas gates” discourage deer and other hoofed mammals from entering the fenced road corridor at access roads.

wildife_Grate wildlife_guard

The following table details the types and dimensions of the underpasses on US 93 North.

Type Size in Feet Number
Cement culvert 10 x 14 1
Concrete box culvert 5 x 7 3
Concrete box culvert 6 x 4 5
Concrete footers/divided lanes 12 x 22 1
Conspan arches 9 x 28 2
Conspan arches northbound and southbound 14 x 43 1
Corrugated metal arch culvert 12 x 24 1
Corrugated metal arch culvert 12 x 22 2
Corrugated metal arch culvert 17 x 24 4
Corrugated metal arch culvert 24 x 13 2
Corrugated metal arch culvert 24 x 15.5 2
Corrugated metal arch culvert 6 x 4 1
Corrugated metal arch culvert 8 x 8 1
Corrugated metal pipe or concrete box culvert 7×5 1
Corrugated metal pipe or concrete box culvert 12 x 22 7
Multi span bridge (existing) 1
Open span bridge 15 x 395 10
Open span bridge 10 x 100 1
Open span bridge 12 x 100 1
Open span bridge 16 x 131 1
Plastic coated corrugated metal culvert 6 x 4 2
Wildlife overpass 49 x 197 1