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Rural Transportation Research Programs

WTI Program Thumb Safety and Operations. Image of vehicles backed up on rural road at site of crash. Enforcement vehicle and traffic management.
WTI Program Thumb Road Ecology. Image subject, Bighorn sheep on rural highway with oncoming vehicles.
WTI-ProgramThumbTitle-Systems Engineering Development and Integration. Image Subject Cameras and Communications antennas that are part of a standand alone remote communications traffic monitoring trailer.
WTI-ProgramThumbTitle-Mobility and Public Transportation. Image subject: Passengers board public transit bus. One passenger has disability and used crutches.
WTI-ProgramThumbTitle-Logistics and Freight Management. Image Subject: Driver View of interstate with commercial truck and line of oil tankers on rail.
WTI-ProgramThumbTitle-Transportation Planning and Economics. Driver view on rural highway with backed up traffic in oncoming lane.

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