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Cold Climates Operations & Systems (CCOS) laboratory

The WTI Cold Climates Operations & Systems (CCOS) laboratory supports active research in the field of winter maintenance operations, including investigations of deicer performance, use of advanced technology in deicer testing, and development of new test methods. In the CCOS lab, researchers can study and assess the characteristics of individual deicing products, such as functionality, ideal blends, and comparative performance. Much of the research focuses on improved integrity of materials, environmentally responsible winter maintenance, and how to effectively implement advanced technologies.

This facility creates a collaborative space where all WTI research staff can work to solve problems on all road types. Our researchers bring a problem-driven, multi-disciplinary team approach to research with a range of interdisciplinary skills. Our CCOS team’s expertise includes mechanical and civil engineering, materials science and engineering, environmental science and engineering, toxicology, and numerical modeling.

Laboratory facilities include:

  • Ventilation hoods
  • Distilled Water Filtration System
  • Analytical Balances
  • A corrosion testing machine featuring capabilities for NACE/PNSA gravimetric tests
  • Rocker table
  • Benchtop freezer

Researchers also have access to other advanced research facilities at or near the Montana State University campus, including the:

Testing Capabilities*

*Pricing for testing available upon request. Please contact Laura Fay at

Current areas of research include:

  • Alternative or non-chloride based deicing products
  • Methods to quantify deicer performance in the lab
  • Agriculturally derived additives to deicers
  • Non-invasive or mobile mounted sensors
  • Deicer impacts on the near road environment

Project Examples:



Laura Fay