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Active Transportation Workshop in Pennsylvania’s Northern Tier


A myth has been perpetuated that walking and bicycling do not hold value as utilitarian and tourism modes for rural America.  However, lived experiences in the rural context suggest otherwise, as documented by research projects like Case Studies of Communities of Less Than 10,000 People with Bicycle & Pedestrian Infrastructure.  This project will work with locals in the “Northern Tier” of Pennsylvania, more specifically McKean, Elk and Cameron Counties (and potentially Potter and Warren), to host a workshop on active transportation, drawing from knowledge gained through the aforementioned recently completed research project.

The workshop is part of WTI’s NADO: Quick Response Technical Assistance project.  

Map highlighting northern tier counties of Pennsylvania including Warren, McKkean, Potter, Elk and Cameron Counties. Focus markers highlight communities including Warren, Kane, Bradford, Coudersport, Ridgway and Emporium