WTI Researchers quoted in Mountain Town News

Mountain Town News reported on the Interstate 90 Snoqualmie Pass project, which will ultimately provide wildlife with 27 places to cross along a 15 mile stretch of the interstate. Both Rob Ament and Tony Clevenger are quoted in the article, with Tony calling the project “by far the most ecologically comprehensive mitigation project I’m aware of in North America and likely the world.” Mountain Town News 10.19.2016

WTI Work Posted on Planet Jackson Hole

Planet Jackson Hole (planetjh.com) has posted a feature article about the wildlife crossing plan that WTI will develop for Teton County, Wyoming. In the article, Jon Mobeck, executive director of the Wildlife Foundation, highlights WTI’s previous work in the area and states that “WTI offers the perfect partnership for Jackson Hole.” The full article is available at http://planetjh.com/2016/10/11/the-buzz-2-wildlife-get-a-brake/

WTI’s Marcel Huijser Speaks at UM’s Wilderness and Civilization Program

WTI Road Ecologist, Marcel Huijser was recently invited to provide a guest lecture for the University of Montana’s Wilderness and Civilization Program. As part of the Davidson Honors College, students are immersed in the study of wildlands and the interactions between people and the land. Wilderness and Civilization combines the strengths of classroom and field learning, interactive classes, dedicated faculty, and applied learning through internships. Huijser presented Road Ecology: Human Safety, Biological Conservation and Economic Considerations for Highway Projects to about 15 students last week.

WTI Selected to Complete a Wildlife Crossing Master Plan for Teton County Roads and Highways.

The Jackson Hole News and Guide reports that Teton County Board of Commissioners has selected WTI to complete a wildlife crossing master plan for Teton County’s roads and highways. “County moves on wildlife crossing plan” notes that WTI’s extensive working knowledge of the area and road network led to the selection. For the full story, visit http://www.jhnewsandguide.com/jackson_hole_daily/local/county-moves-on-wildlife-crossing-plan/article_3c48f2fc-1f99-5048-90db-582aa712c8c2.html

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WTI’s Laura Stanley Discusses Future of Virtual Reality in Montana

Laura Stanley was recently interviewed on the future of virtual reality by Distinctly Montana magazine. Laura describes virtual reality and artificial intelligence and how they are used in Montana today – and will be in the future. Visit page 72 of the Distinctly Montana fall issue for the full interview.