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The mission of the People’s Way Partnership is to effectively communicate the conservation value of wildlife crossing structures along U.S. Highway 93 North on the Flathead Indian Reservation, to have the public informed and supportive of wildlife crossing structures in Montana and the nation.

We promote healthy, connected wildlife populations and a sense of stewardship among residents living near US 93 North through increased community awareness of the 41 fish and wildlife crossing structures and 18 miles of fencing along this newly constructed 56-mile segment of US 93 North. We envision our efforts will lead to increased citizen, institutional, and governmental support for more sustainable highway practices throughout the West and the United States.

We give public-friendly, interactive presentations and field trips to community and student groups throughout the region. Contact us to organize a fun presentation for your classroom, group, or event. We’ve created numerous outreach materials and created permanent educational signs for the traveling public at pertinent locations along US 93 within the Reservation.

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Who We Are

The People’s Way Partnership is a unique partnership between:

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Each organization brings to the Partnership unique, invaluable expertise in research, community awareness, and citizen engagement and each partner plays a role in the various activities of this project.  The People’s Way Partnership itself maintains no staff. Instead, staff from each organization of the Partnership provides extensive in-kind efforts, resources, and technical assistance. Together, the organizations of the Partnership conduct the education and outreach component of the Partnership.

There are several key PWP members that perform outreach activities. Kylie Paul, MS, works for Defenders of Wildlife and is the Outreach Coordinator for this project. Whisper Camel-Means, MS, is a wildlife biologist for the CKST Tribal Wildlife Management Program. She is one of the lead CSKT biologists for US 93 North wildlife crossing project. Marcel Huijser, PhD, is the principal investigator for the Post-Construction Monitoring and Research program. He is a research ecologist with Western Transportation Institute – Montana State University. Rob Ament, MSc, is Road Ecology Program Manager for Western Transportation Institute.

Invaluable Funders

We have received generous grants from the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative, the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation, the Mountaineers Foundation, the Cinnabar Foundation, and the Transwild Alliance.

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