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Public perceptions of water resources, stormwater management, and communication: a city-wide survey

Class: Geography 491
Role: Environmental Planning and Management Tool
Agency: City of Bozeman
Working Group: Bozeman Stormwater Division

The purpose of this project was to provide the City of Bozeman Stormwater Division with baseline data of Bozeman residents’ perceptions of water resource challenges, stormwater management and education, and communication preferences.  Students conducted a survey and utilized site observations to document and report on residents’ understanding of water resource issues and stormwater management in Bozeman as well as willingness to implement and fund stormwater management infrastructure.

•  Stormwater Survey Fact Sheet          •  Stormwater Survey Report          • GPHYS 491 Stormwater Survey Presentations

Academic Year/Semester: Fall 2020

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