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Public Lands Transportation Fellows Explore Federal Opportunities, Meet, and Present at TRB 2024

Seven adults in their 20s and 30s stand behind a sign that says TRB annual meeting January 7-11 2024

The Public Lands Transportation Fellows (PLTF) program is a collaboration between WTI, the National Park Service, and the US Fish & Wildlife Service, that provides outstanding graduate students with transportation-related fellowships and long-term job opportunities in federal land management agencies. WTI is particularly proud of this program, its participants, and their creativity and problem-solving acumen. […]

Professional Capacity Building for Communications Project Made Lasting Impact

Students from Caltrans Districts 6 and 10 work on a design for retrofitting an existing 15-year-old Class 1 TMC data center into a Class 3 data center as the final lab exercise in the Small Data Center Design, Structured Cabling, and Grounding training course. Photo: Leann Koon. Instructor Eric Pearson explains how to complete a […]

End of an Era as COATS Project Draws to a Close

Fifty people sit at conference tables and watch a speaker and powerpoint

After twenty-five years and eight phases, the California Oregon Advanced Transportation Systems (COATS) project drew to a close this year, marking an end to an era. Sharing roots with the founding of WTI, the COATS project has made a lasting impact on rural transportation in the western states and beyond. The COATS initiative was established to […]

WTI’s CATS program joins international EPIC-Network

Logo Community-engaged and transformational scholarship initiative

We are pleased to announce that WTI’s Community-engaged and Transformational Scholarship (CATS) program is now a member of the Education Partnership for Innovation in Communities Network (Epic-N), a group of programs that match community-identified needs and projects with the resources, expertise, and human capital of university students. To become a member, programs must demonstrate that […]