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New IUNC Report from Rob Ament and Tony Clevenger

IUCN Addressing ecological connectivity in the development of roads railways and canals. Robert Ament Anthony Clevenger and Rodney van der Ree Editors. Circular image of an elephant in front an excavator. IUCN WCPA Technical Report Series No. 5Rob Ament, the Road Ecology Program Manager at WTI, Dr. Tony Clevenger, a WTI Senior Research Scientist, and their colleague Dr. Rodney van der Ree of Australia, are the lead editors of a new technical report published by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and its World Commission of Protected Areas. Titled “Addressing ecological connectivity in the development of roads, railways and canals,” the report seeks to provide guidance on solutions and best practices that conserve wildlife and maintain ecological connectivity during the development of roads, railways and canals. “This report has been a four-year effort with over 30 contributors from six continents. Tony and I hope it helps improve the design and management of transportation systems to make them more wildlife friendly in all corners of the globe,” said Rob Ament. He noted that the IUCN is primarily a volunteer organization and counts 165 countries and more than 1400 organizations as its members, from indigenous groups to conservation non-profits. It is the world’s premiere organization addressing the biodiversity crisis.

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