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Get on board for the Spring Commute-A-Thon!

Log your sustainable commutes to win prizes, save money, and find carpool buddies during the two-week Spring Commute-A-Thon March 26th-April 6th. With the MSU semester still underway, and snow still on the ground, there’s no better time to give carpooling, or the Streamline bus a try! Log your bike, walk, carpool and bus trips on the new website,
Here’s how to get started:
1. Register on the Bozeman Commuter Project website and join the challenge!
2. Select the gray bar at the top of the page to register and join your workplace network (ie: team). If you don’t see your workplace on the drop-down list, scroll down to the bottom of the page to create a workplace network! (If you’d like to create a team as a subnetwork of a larger organization such as MSU or Bozeman Health, contact Dani Hess –
Check out the rules of the Commute-A-Thon
Join an incentive by clicking “Incentives” at the top of the page – complete the required number of trips and be entered to win!
Start logging your trips online or automatically using the Commute Tracker app on your iPhone or Android!