Logistics & Freight Management

With a comprehensive approach to researching economics and rural transportation, the Logistics and Freight Management program solves the problems of timely and cost-effective management of freight, inventory and transportation assets.

Logistics and Freight Management research area utilizes a comprehensive approach to solving issues related to timely and cost-effective management of freight, inventory and related transportation assets.

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Identifying Disparities in the Definitions of Heavy Trucks

Started September, 2015

This project identified gaps that exist in heavy truck/bus regulations and made recommendations on what needs to be done to bridge those gaps and help the public better
understand the laws. WTI worked with MDT to develop an educational booklet that was posted onto the MDT website and shared with transit providers and stakeholders
in the trucking industry. The booklet serves as an easy-to-read guide to help dispel confusion for the public.

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Montana Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) and Automatic Traffic Recorder (ATR) Strategy

Started May, 2013

The Final Report summarizes research to review the Montana Department of Transportation’s (MDT’s) permanent Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) and Automated Traffic Recorder (ATR) data collection programs to ensure they are efficiently providing the best possible traffic information to meet data user needs. Primary project tasks included a) review of the state-of-thepractice,from the hardware being used to the operating procedures being employed, b) compilation of a comprehensive description of MDT’s current traffic data collection program with a focus on WIM/ATR data, from field data collection to data dissemination, c) survey of traffic data users to determine if their needs are being met, d) review of current traffic factor groups, including alternatives to these groups, and e) development of a methodology to prioritize new WIM/ATR deployments. MDT currently has 106 permanent count sites statewide (42 WIM and 64 ATR sites), and 5,800 short-term count locations

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10 Projects

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Craig Shankwitz presents at MSU’s first 10×10 Innovation Road Show

Posted on March 27th, 2017

WTI’s Craig Shankwitz was part of the 10×10 MSU Innovation Road Show: From Tiny Houses to Honey Bees. Sponsored by the Office of Reasearch and Economic Development, the event provided 10 researchers the opportunitiy to present their expertise on a particular topic in 10 minutes. Shankwitz’s presentation focused on, Driverless Cars: The Evolution of the REVolution was dynamic and engaging. View Full News Post »

Posted in: Outreach, Presentation

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