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Animal Detection Systems Tested and Reviewed

November 2009 — Researchers tested the reliability of the MagalSenstar animal detection system. The livestock contractor delivered 6 animals (2 horses, 2 llamas, and 2 sheep) to the test site and a test was initiated on November 18 2009. The tests lasted for 10 consecutive days after which the animals were removed from the enclosure. The livestock contractor checked on the animals once a day, and made sure the animals were fed and had access to water. The animal detection system logs are currently being compared with the camera images to investigate the reliability of the system. Similar tests will be conducted in other seasons to investigate if environmental conditions affect system reliability.

This particular system has also been installed along U.S. Highway 160 between Durango and Bayfield, Colorado. Using the same system in a controlled site (Transcend) and a real world site (Highway 160) creates a unique opportunity to study the reliability and feasibility of deploying animal detection systems by state DOT’s. Colorado DOT is a research partner on this project. For more information on this project please visit 4w2421.