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A Strategic Approach to Transforming Traffic Safety Culture to Reduce Deaths and Injuries

Started: July, 2014 End Date: June, 2017 Project ID #4W4984 Status: Ongoing


The objectives of this project are to define traffic safety culture, explain how it impacts behavior, and develop a process to improve traffic safety culture.


This research is developing a strategic approach that state DOTs and their traditional and non-traditional traffic safety partner organizations can use to transform public and organizational traffic safety culture to enable sustainable improvements in traffic safety for all road users, including non-motorized users.  The project has created an operational definition of traffic safety culture that (1) is informed by existing theoretical models based in social science research that describes the key elements (factors) that are part of culture according to the identified theoretical models, (2) relates to strategic traffic safety planning processes, and (3) enhances implementation of state Strategic Highway Safety Plans.   The project identifies the roles of relevant stakeholders necessary to support the transformation process;  provides a program development model to guide the prioritization, design, implementation, and assessment of strategic programs to transform the traffic safety culture;  provides scalable guidance on when and how to conduct an assessment of traffic safety culture and how to apply the results; and provides existing and promising culture change strategies from traffic safety or other disciplines that can be implemented by state DOTs and/or their traditional and non-traditional partner organizations.


Sponsors & Partners

  • National Academy of Science (NAS) Sponsor

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