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Analysis of Data and Development of Journal Paper – Trafficking Machine and Friction Data

Project #: 4WA139
Start Date: 12/08/2022
End Date: 03/31/2023

This research evaluated seven commercial rock salt deicers to assess if a custom-built trafficking machine and non-contact grip sensor can be used to detect differences in performance between deicers. Deicer performance was measured as mean surface grip values during trafficking and after plowing. Mean surface grip values were compared and analyzed based on deicer type, application rate, air temperature, and snow density.


The objectives of this research were to determine if a trafficking machine and grip data can be used in the laboratory environment to assess performance of deicers, if the differences in performance between deicing products can be detected, and the influence of variables in results.

Benefits: The goal of this project was to determine if laboratory testing can be used in place field test to assess deicer performance using grip as the key data element.


  • Laura Fay
    Laura Fay


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