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Analysis of Maintenance Decision Support System Benefits & Costs

Started: October, 2006 Ended: April, 2009 Project ID #4W1408 Status: Completed


This project assess the benefits and costs associated with implementation of MDSS (Maintenance Decision Support System) and provide members of the MDSS pooled fund with a concise and actionable assessment of the benefits and potential costs of MDSS implementation.


Highway maintenance agencies are continually challenged to provide a high level of service and improve safety and mobility in a cost-effective manner while minimizing adverse effects to roadways and the environment. MDSS (Maintenance Decision Support System) is an emerging software tool which uses road condition and weather forecast information to provide users with real-time road treatment guidance. Through continuous improvements, MDSS has achieved preliminary success and is currently being used by several states in their mandatory requirements for weather forecasting services. The potential benefits and costs of MDSS implementation however, have not been established. Through this project, WTI will assess the benefits and costs associated with implementation of the pooled-fund MDSS in order to enable decision makers and budget personnel to support decisions regarding future deployment of MDSS.


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  • South Dakota Department of Transportation (SDDOT) Sponsor

Part of: Winter Maintenance and Effects, Cold Climate Operations & Systems

Project Tagged In: decision support systems, weather, winter maintenance

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