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Analysis of the Impact of the Use of RouteMatch Software

Started: October, 2005 Ended: September, 2006 Project ID #4W0828 Status: Completed


To determine how using RouteMatch software has impacted the operations of the MET Specialized Transit system in Billings, Montana.


MET Specialized Transit is the paratransit portion of the transit system in Billings, Montana. As part of previous work for MET, WTI helped identify various technologies that may increase the efficiency of the system. MET is implementing RouteMatch, a computer-aided scheduling and dispatch software. Through this project, WTI will conduct a “before and after” evaluation of how RouteMatch impacts transit operations. Specifically, WTI will attempt to measure the impacts on:• Overall efficiency• Adherence to schedules• Dispatcher workload• Driver workload• Other operations issues


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Part of: Mobility and Public Transportation

Project Tagged In: intelligent transportation systems, Advanced Public Transportation Systems, Transit operations

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