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Analysis of the Intercity Travel Network Creating Small Urban and Rural Communities

Started: July, 2015 End Date: June, 2017 Project ID #4W5669 Status: Ongoing


The objective of this project is to provide an analysis of the number of rural and small communities across the United States that have access to intercity bus service.


Many people in rural and small urban communities have limited transportation options to travel to large, urban areas.  This project will analyze demographics in each of the forty-eight contiguous states, and provide an analysis of the number of rural and small communities that have access to intercity bus service.  Based on the results, further projects or analysis may be necessary to determine issues in specific states, or to determine overall (national) issues.  For this project, "small urban" is a city with a population between 50,000 and 200,000 people, and "rural" means a city/town with a population between 1 and 49,999.


  • David Kack - PI

  • Dawn Tucker-Thomas - Main External Contact

Sponsors & Partners

  • U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) Sponsor

Part of: Mobility and Public Transportation, UTC, WTI-SURLC, Small Urban and Rural Livability Center

Project Tagged In: mobility, Rural Transit, intercity transportation, intercity bus service

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