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Assess Caltrans Road Weather Information System (RWIS) Devices and Related Sensors

Project #: 426134
Start Date: 06/01/2001
End Date: 05/05/2002
Status: Completed

Caltrans has identified the need to evaluate the road weather information systems (RWIS) that have been installed in the state. This project will help Caltrans in determining how to improve its RWIS and to move towards a statewide linked network. Through the work on this project, Western Transportation Institute, Montana State University-Bozeman (WTI) will develop three technical reports, a GIS project, and a final report on Caltrans RWIS. The needed information for these deliverables will be collected through surveys of maintenance staff, interviews with key RWIS end users (Caltrans and potential partners), and a national review of state of the practice. Project tasks will be completed within a twelve-month time frame by June 2002. This project is designed to provide Caltrans with a detailed assessment of RWIS use and recommended improvements. WTI hopes to provide a unifying vision for the state while respecting the distinct needs of the districts.


Caltrans Roadway Weather Information Systems (RWIS) devices are installed at critical areas throughout the state where atmospheric and pavement data could be used for maintenance and transportation management. An assessment of their use and research of their effectiveness is needed to improve the use of existing devices and research the communications systems that prohibit open data transfer between the devices.


  • Steve Albert
    Steve Albert