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Assessment of Ecological Net Benefits Projects for Jasper National Park and Mount Robson Provincial Park

Project #: 4W1891
Start Date: 10/01/2007
End Date: 12/31/2008

The Kinder Morgan Canada (KMC) Anchor Loop project is the proposed looping of the former TMX oil pipeline through Jasper National Park and Mount Robson Provincial Park. For three years prior to the beginning of the project, KMC actively consulted stakeholders from a number of jurisdictions and backgrounds to receive input on environmental concerns and requirements. The condition of co-operation by participating environmental non-government organizations (ENGOs) was a commitment by KMC to undertake an ecological project or projects, collateral to the pipeline looping, which would result in a net ecological gain to the two parks. As a result of that commitment, KMC hired Dr. Tony Clevenger of the Western Transportation Institute (University of Montana) to determine a list of projects that could be funded as an Ecological Legacy in each park. With the support of Jasper National Park and Mount Robson Provincial Park, this project is an opportunity to both leave a legacy of ecological improvement for Jasper and Mount Robson and to create a precedent for how diverse interests can work together.


The purpose of this project is to explore the status of research and management actions of key ecological issues in Jasper National Park and Mount Robson Provincial Park, and identify information gaps and needs in each park. The research will ultimately provide recommendations for projects that will have long-term ecological benefits.


  • Tony Clevenger
    Tony Clevenger


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