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Automated Cost Recovery

Started: November, 2006 Ended: April, 2008 Project ID #4W1396 Status: Completed


Identify practices and technologies to automate cost recovery in Montana transit systems making transportation business practices more effective and efficient.


Public and specialized transportation providers in Montana use a variety of methods for collecting fares, invoicing for rides and collecting ridership data. Large urban areas have developed automated cost recovery methods including software solutions for data collection, analysis and reporting as well as electronic fare collection, ridership data tracking and electronic invoicing for rides but these systems have not been widely used by providers in small urban and rural areas of the state. This project will review current automated cost recovery practices and will examine their suitability for more rural areas in Montana. It will also develop a plan documenting critical issues as well as obstacles to implementation.


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  • Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) Sponsor

Part of: Mobility and Public Transportation

Project Tagged In: ITS, public transportation, fares

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