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Billings MET Specialized Transit (MST) Technology Request for Proposal

Started: December, 2003 End Date: May, 2004 Project ID #425430 Status: Ongoing


To create a request for proposals (RFP) that will allow MET Transit to acquire the appropriate technologies to increase the efficiency of their paratransit/specialized transit system (MST).


As part of previous work for Billings MET Transit, the Western Transportation Institute (WTI) conducted a review of various technologies that may increase the efficiency of the paratransit/specialized transit system in Billings knows as MET Specialized Transit (MST). The technology reviewed focused on three specific technologies: computer-assisted scheduling and dispatching software (CASD); automatic vehicle location (AVL); and mobile data communications and terminals (MDC/MDT). In order to obtain any new technologies that could increase MST’s efficiency, it was decided that a request for proposal process must be initiated. The proposals resulting from this project will allow MET Transit to select the best CASD, AVL and MDC/MDT technologies based on technical specification, price and other factors as determined by MET Transit and WTI.


Sponsors & Partners

  • City of Billings – Met Transit Sponsor

Part of: Mobility and Public Transportation

Project Tagged In: ITS, Advanced Public Transportation Systems, Public Transit

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