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Comparative Analysis of Course Surfacing Aggregate Using the Micro-Deval

Started: September, 2005 Ended: March, 2007 Project ID #4W0753 Status: Completed


To determine whether the Micro-Deval test can be used to replace the Sulfate Soundness tests to accurately measure the strength of aggregates used in pavement.


The quality of aggregates used to construct pavements must be durable to withstand construction, the environment and traffic. Tough, long-lasting materials are imperative to pavement performance. Historically, two tests have been used to measure the toughness and durability of aggregates—the Los Angeles (L.A.) Abrasion and Impact tests, and the Magnesium and Sodium Sulfate Soundness tests. Studies have shown that these tests may not provide adequate evaluation of aggregates to be used in asphalt pavement construction. A third assessment, the Micro-Deval test, may provide a more cost effective and reliable means to characterize the toughness and durability of Montana aggregates, but only limited research has been done to compare the results with other standardized tests. This project will determine whether the Micro-Deval test can be used to replace the other tests.


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Part of: Infrastructure Maintenance and Materials, Infrastructure Longevity and Sustainability

Project Tagged In: Materials, Micro-Deval, Aggregate

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