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Corrosion Concerns in Alaska to Personal and Commercial Vehicles Caused by Chlorides Used in Winter Operations and How to Manage Through Use of Best Management Practices

Project #: 4WA620
Start Date: 10/03/2023
End Date: 12/31/2024
Status: Current

Chloride based deicers, sodium chloride (salt brine or rock salt), magnesium chloride (mag), and calcium chloride, are the most commonly used products in winter operations. These chlorides can be used as liquids or solids to help prevent snow and ice from bonding with the roadway, aiding in plowing, or to help burn through packed snow and ice on roadways or improve friction. Interestingly, these same chlorides, magnesium chloride and calcium chloride, are used as dust suppressants on unpaved roads and runways in Alaska.

Corrosion caused by chloride-based deicers can impact equipment, vehicles, and infrastructure. This synthesis will focus on identifying common corrosion concerns to personal and commercial vehicles – trucks and equipment.

This effort will identify the commonly used deicing products by Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities (AKDOT & PF) in winter road operations, for dust control and soil stabilization, and will aim to also identify commonly used deicing products by private businesses. Information will also be gathered on methods to reduce or prevent corrosion to vehicles and equipment.


The goal of this effort is to synthesize relevant information on corrosion to vehicles caused by chloride-based deicing material used in the state of Alaska.

Benefits: The methods identified in this research will reduce or prevent corrosion to vehicles and equipment, saving the State of Alaska and private citizens money, time, and effort.


  • Laura Fay
    Laura Fay