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Develop Locally Sourced Salt Brine Additive for Anti-Icing

Started: August, 2011 Ended: December, 2012 Project ID #4W3881 Status: Completed


The objective of this project is to determine if local agricultural products or byproducts of local distilleries/breweries or other manufacturing processes could be cost-effectively used to replace high-cost proprietary products to enhance the performance characteristics of salt brine for anti-icing on Alaska roads.


The proposed research will address the Alaska University Transportation Center’s theme of “Transportation Safety, Security and Innovation in Cold Regions,” particularly in the areas of maintaining cold-regions transportation systems. Specifically, this research will develop and test locally sourced salt brine additives suitable for anti-icing during winter maintenance in Alaska. Development of alternative anti-icing products serves the public interest, as this research is expected to generate significant cost savings for the Departments of Transportation (DOTs) and other maintenance agencies, traveler benefits in terms of improved safety and mobility, and societal benefits in reducing corrosion and environmental impacts.


  • Xianming Shi - PI

  • Robert McHattie - Main External Contact

  • Jenny Liu - External Contact - Additional

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Sponsors & Partners

  • Alaska University Transportation Center (AUTC) Sponsor
  • Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities (ADOT&PF) Co-Sponsor

Part of: Winter Maintenance and Effects, Cold Climate Operations & Systems, Corrosion and Sustainable Infrastructure Laboratory

Project Tagged In: Anti-icing, local byproducts, value-added development

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