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Evaluation of Alaska's 511 Phone System & Website

Started: January, 2005 Ended: February, 2006 Project ID #4W0322 Status: Completed


To evaluate Alaska’s 511 traveler information system by performance measure analysis and customer surveys.


In July 2000, the Federal Communications Commission designated 511 as a national number for traveler information to be used by Departments of Transportation to provide motorists with automated, real-time information on weather and road conditions, road closures and delays, and transit service information. Some states also offer additional information on services such as food and lodging, tourist attractions, current events, and trip routing. Alaska, which implemented its traveler information phone service and Web site in April 2003, is part of a 15-state 511 coalition. Information currently provided includes road conditions, weather forecasts, construction updates, and ferry information. The best way to assess the level of service provided to customers is to evaluate the system and identify areas for improvement. This project will survey and analyze customer feedback on the Alaska 511 phone system and website, and provide Alaska DOT&PF with information on who is using the system, what marketing strategies have been successful and what improvements customers would like to see.


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