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Evaluation of an Animal Warning System Effectiveness

Started: October, 2005 Ended: September, 2009 Project ID #4W0848 Status: Completed


To evaluate the effectiveness of animal detection systems in reducing animal-vehicle collisions.


Animal detection systems provide both a sensing and dynamic, situational warning to drivers that large animals are approaching the roadway. Drivers may respond to the warning signals and signs by reducing vehicle speed and/or becoming more alert, ultimately leading to fewer and less severe collisions. Data on the effectiveness of these systems are scarce; however, more and better data can only be obtained by installing more animal detection systems that reliably detect large animals. This project involves the installation of an animal detection system, monitoring the reliability of the system, and the evaluation of its effectiveness on speed reduction and animal-vehicle collisions.


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Sponsors & Partners

  • California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS) Sponsor
  • Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology (Path) Co-Sponsor

Part of: Road Ecology

Project Tagged In: Animal detection systems, Animal vehicle collisions, habitat connectivity, safety, wildlife crossing structure

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