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Evaluation of Montana's "New Entrant Safety Assurance Program"

Started: August, 2005 Ended: September, 2006 Project ID #4W0735 Status: Completed


To provide an independent evaluation of the effectiveness of Montana’s “New Entrant Safety Assurance Program” and suggest ways to improve the program.


The state of Montana is implementing a five-year pilot program that provides safety training for new interstate motor carriers. The “New Entrant Safety Assurance Program” will use a third-party contractor to educate the commercial drivers about applicable safety laws and regulations prior to the mandatory state-run Safety Audit. Over the course of the five-year program, WTI will conduct an evaluation to assess the effectiveness of the training program in areas such as compliance with safety laws and regulations, long-term accident rates, and pass rates for the official Safety Audit.


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Part of: Logistics and Freight Management, Safety and Operations

Project Tagged In: interstate motor carriers, motor carrier driver safety, Safety audit

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