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FHWA Intelligent Transportation Systems Technical Support Contract (Presentation)

Started: July, 1999 Ended: June, 2000 Project ID #428420 Status: Completed


To develop a presentation for the Federal Highway Administration that will address national transportation challenges, provide an understanding of common interests, and create an opportunity for partnership development.


The purpose of this scope of work is to; (1) develop presentation materials, (2) test the presentation in two Rocky Mountain Region workshops, (3) document workshop findings, and (4) revisit the effectiveness of the presentation. The presentation developed will assist the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) in outreach and education efforts to inform stakeholders on rural issues, advanced technology applications and the benefits of the Advanced Rural Transportation Systems (ARTS) Program. It is envisioned that throughout the development and assessment of this presentation, input will be provided by USDOT on rural issues relating to the seven Critical Program Areas identified in the ARTS Strategic Plan.


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  • Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Sponsor

Part of: Safety and Operations

Project Tagged In: ITS Program Applications, Problem Identification

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