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Field Study to Evaluate Intrusion Detection Technology: Intersection Crash Avoidance

Project #: 428465
Start Date: 10/01/1999
End Date: 09/30/2003
Status: Completed

The project will evaluate the effectiveness of intrusion detection and locked gate technology through a demonstration project. The project is a cooperative effort between the Western Transportation Institute at Montana State University, Oregon Department of Transportation, and Willamette and Pacific Railroad with support from the Federal Highway Administration and the Federal Railroad Administration. The study will evaluate current intrusion detection and locked gate technologies. One or more of these technologies will be installed at a low volume grade crossing on the Willamette and Pacific Railroad. The study includes a survey of intrusion detection and locked gate technologies including recommendations for demonstration of specific technologies. The project will include an ergonomic study of the locked gate technology and intrusion detection system from the perspective of the vehicle operators on the low volume road to the railroad dispatchers. The project will evaluate how effective both the locked gate technology and intrusion detection technology work together to protect the crossing. The primary measure of effectiveness will be the number of failures of the intrusion detection technology and locked gate system. To be effective the complete system of locked gates and intrusion detection technology must have a zero % failure rate. Other factors to be considered as part of the project include: an evaluation of the installation and maintenance of the hardware, the costs associated with installation of the technologies, and the additional workload on the railroad dispatchers and the ease of use of the locked gate for the vehicle operator on the low volume road.


To field test and evaluate intrusion detection technologies and locked gate technology as a solution for protecting low volume grade crossings on the higher speed rail corridor between Eugene, Oregon and Vancouver, British Columbia


  • Steve Albert
    Steve Albert