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Galavan Service Improvement Plan

Started: December, 2001 Ended: December, 2003 Project ID #426354 Status: Completed


To develop a comprehensive service improvement plan for Galavan, a local transportation provider for senior citizens and persons with disabilities.


This project is designed to produce a five-year service improvement plan for Galavan. This plan will provide recommendations to the Advisory Board on a number of issues utilizing a transportation analysis perspective. This project will investigate; Service improvement options. Recommendations for system improvements will be made relating to hours of service and the operational/service area. Vehicle and staff requirements. Recommendations will be made for vehicle and staff levels for the next five years. These recommendations will highlight the possible expansion of the current service area. Operational efficiency. Recommendations will be made relating to system improvements that will increase efficiency. Public/Client Awareness. Data will be collected, analyzed and presented that shows the awareness of current and potential clients. Impacts of transit. The possible implications of a Bozeman area transit system will be analyzed and discussed.


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Sponsors & Partners

  • Galavan Partner
  • Research and Innovation Technology Administration (RITA) Sponsor

Part of: Systems Engineering Development & Integration

Project Tagged In: Disabled Persons, Senior Citizens, Service Agencies, Serviceability

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