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Gallatin County Big Sky Transportation District

Started: July, 2006 Ended: June, 2017 Project ID #4W1466 Status: Completed


Provide a ‘Public Transportation Coordinator’ to assist the Gallatin County Big Sky Transportation District in managing its public transportation system.


Registered voters established the Gallatin County Big Sky Transportation District in 1991 to supply transportation services and facilities to the Big Sky community. Initially, the district provided transportation services only during the winter ski season. In 2002, the district requested WTI’s assistance. In preparation of a Request for Bids to help the District select a new transportation services contractor, WTI assisted by conducting ridership surveys to identify system issues, developed a proposal to revise schedules and routes to improve the system’s efficiency. In 2004, WTI proposed and assisted in the completion of ‘Transit Development Plan’ (TDP) which was the first step in creating a year-round Big Sky area transit system. WTI worked with the District to complete a Federal Transit Administration Section 5311 application to permit the District to start year-round transit service in Big Sky, Montana. The application was accepted, and on December 1, 2006 the new “Skyline” transit system began providing year-round public transportation services within Big Sky. WTI will provide guidance to the District in its business operations, assistance in identifying and locating funding and in maximizing public transportation services as the District moves from being a seasonal to a year-round public transportation services provider.


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