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Geosynthetic Pullout Behavior under Small Displacements

Started: July, 2001 Ended: September, 2004 Project ID #426142 Status: Completed


To investigate the pullout behavior of several geosynthetic materials embedded in soils to provide interaction properties for a finite element model. The finite element modeling, which is not part of this project, is based on a large-scale simulation of a geosynthetic reinforced pavement structure.


Recent moves toward developing a mechanistic design for pavements has incited the need for mechanistic material properties that describe the various pavement structural components. Even more recently, the investigation of the use of geosynthetics as an added structural component in pavement design is transpiring. The mechanistic design approach requires that the material properties of each component of the design be described. Pullout tests are one way of describing the interaction between geosynthetics and surrounding soils under this type of loading. To date, a significant amount of work has been conducted using pullout facilities. However, where previous work was carried out to determine global behaviors, this project will attempt to determine interaction properties base on smaller movements of various points along the width and length of the embedded geosynthetic under varying levels of cyclic displacement. To do this, the current pullout facility located at Montana State University will be modified. Information from this work will be used to describe soil to geosynthetic interaction properties to be used in a finite element program, as well as determine the potential for future geosynthetic interaction studies.


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Part of: Infrastructure Maintenance and Materials, Infrastructure Longevity and Sustainability

Project Tagged In: geosynthetics, Pavement, Soil Structure

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