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Greater Bozeman Area Transit Specialists

Started: November, 2013 Ended: June, 2015 Project ID #4W4756 Status: Completed


The goal of this project is to analyze data and develop plans for the continued growth of the Streamline and Galavan transit systems in Bozeman, Montana.  


The Streamline transit system in Bozeman, Montana, which is administered by the Human Resource Development Council District IX, Inc. (HRDC), has encountered tremendous growth over the past seven years. While the Streamline/Galavan Advisory Board and its Operations Committee have provided input into the routes, schedules, and other operational issues of the service, HRDC is interested in assistance in forecasting and analysis of the transportation services of HRDC (Streamline and Galavan). The goal of this partnership, between the Western Transportation Institute (WTI) and HRDC, is to strengthen the Streamline and Galavan services by utilizing the expertise of WTI to analyze data and other inputs and develop plans for the continued growth of the Streamline and Galavan systems. Tasks include: 1. Analysis of Current and Proposed Routes 2. Analysis of Implementing Fares 3. Review and analysis of technologies utilized by Streamline and Galavan 4. Analysis of additional modes such as van pools and carpools 5. Establishing procedures to work with the City and County on reviewing growth policies and transportation-related issues 6. Data Collection, Interpretation and Analysis    


Sponsors & Partners

  • Human Resource Development Council Sponsor

Part of: Mobility and Public Transportation

Project Tagged In: Public Transit, transit services

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