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Highway Median Barrier Impacts on Wildlife Movement & Mortality - State of the Practice Review & Gap Analysis (EV4)

Started: February, 2006 End Date: July, 2006 Project ID #4W0922 Status: Ongoing


To produce a solid foundation from which to develop and initiate field studies investigating the effects and performance of median barrier designs on the movement and mortality of wildlife.


Highway median barriers are used to separate lanes of traffic and enhance motorist safety on freeways and multi-lane interstate highways. Median barriers of all types have the potential to impede animal movements across highways. Barriers also can increase the risk of motor vehicle accidents by causing wildlife to become trapped or confused while on the road searching for a place to cross. A recent Transportation Research Board report highlighted the need to better understand the potential impacts of highway barriers. The lack of information to properly assess environmental impacts is causing significant project delays and increasing transportation project costs. This study will collect, review and synthesize literature on highway median barriers, their impacts to wildlife movement and performance of mitigative design solutions and provide Caltrans with sound, scientifically defensible information for completing median barrier projects.


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  • California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS) Sponsor

Part of: Road Ecology

Project Tagged In: wildlife connectivity, highway median barriers

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