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Highway Mitigation Ensuring Wildlife Connectivity and Improving Human Safety, Hwy 3, BC

Started: January, 2015 Ended: December, 2015 Project ID #4W5331 Status: Completed


The purpose of this project is to create a citizen science program to enable data collection of road kill along Highway 3 between the Alberta/BC border and the Kootenay River Valley.


Highway mitigation ensures wildlife connectivity while improving human safety. The Western Transportation Institute (WTI) and their partner Wildsight have a mission to ensure the safe passage of wildlife across a major transportation corridor in SE British Columbia by bringing together the science, policy, resources, and government agencies necessary to successfully make the case for highway mitigation in B.C. To accomplish this goal WTI will work with Wildsight and use a citizen‐science framework, modeled after the Road Watch program on the Alberta portion of Highway 3, to involve local volunteers in the generation of knowledge required to support the case for mitigation.

Ultimately, the data will be used to complete a road‐kill "hot spots" report and make recommendations for appropriate wildlife mitigation measures for the BC stretch of Highway 3 that will reduce wildlife vehicle collisions. In addition, Wildsight plans to conduct a cost‐benefit analysis, as part of the report and data analyses, to indicate which wildlife mitigation sites also make for sound economic investment of public highway funds.



Sponsors & Partners

  • University of Montana Sponsor

Part of: Road Ecology

Project Tagged In: wildlife connectivity, wildlife mitigation

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