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ITS PCB Academic Support

Started: February, 2023 End Date: February, 2024 Project ID #4WA224 Status: Ongoing

Results & Findings

Exposing students of all ages to TSMO opportunities will lead to a more diverse and dynamically knowledgeable group of ITS and TSMO career professionals, which will make the ITS field more innovative and resilient.


The goal of the ITS PCB Program project is to develop a new community of young transportation industry professionals by increasing the number of students exposed to ITS and transportation systems management and operations (TSMO) career opportunities. The project will provide academic partners with classroom resources, academic products and programs, and access to expert speakers.


Under a succession of Inter-Agency Agreements, the United States Department of Transportation Volpe Center has supported the Intelligent Transportation Systems Professional Capacity Building (ITS PCB) Program since its establishment in 1996.  Since 2010, the ITS PCB Program has significantly increased its academic initiatives to ensure that ITS knowledge elements are incorporated into a variety of academic programs at all educational levels. The Volpe Center’s academic ITS PCB efforts have expanded to a level that requires additional support from those inside the academic community. Volpe has contracted with WTI’s West Region Transportation Workforce Center to enrich interaction and partnership with academic institutions and the public agencies and private firms that employ the students educated by these institutions. The goal is to create new networks and vehicles to introduce ITS and transportation systems management and operations (TSMO) careers to a wider student audience, and to expand current ITS academic curriculum and other resources to support workforce connection efforts.


Sponsors & Partners

  • U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) Sponsor
  • Northeast Transportation Workforce Center (NETWC) Partner
  • Southeast Transportation Workforce Center (SETWC) Partner
  • Southwest Transportation Workforce Center (SWTWC) Partner

Part of: Education, West Region Transportation Workforce Center

Project Tagged In: ITS, intelligent transportation systems, Students, professional development

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