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Intelligent Transportation System/Shuttle Modification for the 2012 Bear Lake Corridor Construction

Started: January, 2012 Ended: June, 2013 Project ID #4W3894 Status: Completed


The objective of this project was to support implementation on an ITS system for Rocky Mountain National Park (ROMO) for construction-related purposes.


In 2012, Rocky Mountain National Park (ROMO) was rehabilitating the Bear Lake Road, a principal travel corridor within the park. During the summer of 2012, construction on the corridor was anticipated to cause undesirable delays to visitors. Therefore, ROMO planned to modify their existing shuttle system and provide information to travelers via an intelligent transportation system (ITS). The ITS employed during the 2012 season was built upon the information learned from the 2011 pilot ITS deployment (which WTI helped to implement and evaluate). Through this scope of work, the park implemented ITS approaching the park on the east side (e.g., in or approaching the town of Estes Park) in order to provide visitors with key information to make more informed decisions. Visitor guidance included information on the new park and ride lot in Estes Park, information on the new visitor’s center in Estes Park, and information on park shuttles. This project included the creation of an operations plan. The operations plan contained a proposed ITS and modification of the existing ROMO shuttle system in response to the 2012 construction plan for the Bear Lake Corridor. Additionally, the tasks involved providing technical support as needed during the planning and implementation of the ITS.


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  • National Park Service (NPS) Sponsor
  • Rocky Mountains Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (RM-CESU) Co-Sponsor

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Part of: Mobility and Public Transportation

Project Tagged In: public lands, intelligent transportation systems, Recreational Roads, Federal Lands Transportation

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