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Large Mammal Use of Selected Underpasses along I-25

Started: November, 2017 End Date: June, 2020 Project ID #4W7020 Status: Ongoing


The purpose of this project is to conduct wildlife monitoring of underpasses along Interstate 25 in Wyoming to assess usage by large mammals, especially deer and pronghorn antelope.


WTI is conducting a research on behalf of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) and the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) to explore mitigation options for reducing wildlife vehicle collisions along Interstate 25 in central Wyoming.  This section has a number of existing underpasses, and WYDOT and WGFD would like to explore the possibility of funneling large mammals, particularly mule deer and pronghorn, through the existing underpasses rather than building new underpasses specifically designed for wildlife. WTI will use cameras to conduct monitoring of selected underpasses over an 8-month period in 2018-2019 to assess current usage of these underpasses by these species.  WTI will develop conclusions and mitigation recommendations based on the findings.


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Part of: Road Ecology, Wildlife

Project Tagged In: wildlife vehicle collisions, wildlife crossing structures

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