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Lewis and Clark ITS Kiosks Evaluation

Started: October, 2002 Ended: July, 2003 Project ID #426794 Status: Completed


Evaluate the acceptability, functionality, usability, and effectiveness of prototype interactive information kiosks deployed to provide tourism information for the Lewis and Clark Trail Bicentennial celebration in Montana.


The Lewis and Clark Trail ITS Kiosks are a prototype group of tourism information kiosks being deployed in Montana to provide information support to travelers who are visiting sites in the vicinity of the original Lewis and Clark Trail during the L&C Bicentennial observances. The Information Technology Office at the University of Montana is under contract to the Montana Department of Transportation to design, develop, deploy and evaluate a small number (3-4) of prototype kiosks. The Western Transportation Institute is under subcontract to the University of Montana to plan and conduct user testing and field evaluation of the prototype kiosks. The evaluation will assess the usability, acceptance, functionality, effectiveness, and efficiency of the prototype systems and provide direction for further evolution.


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  • Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) Sponsor
  • University of Montana Partner

Part of: Safety and Operations

Project Tagged In: Recreation, Tourists, Human Factors Engineering

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