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Life-Cycle Costing of Thermo-Plastic Pavement Markings

Started: April, 2002 Ended: October, 2002 Project ID #426425 Status: Completed


To determine whether it is cost-effective to use TP pavement markings in urban areas within the state of Montana. Specifically, this investigation will provide:· detailed descriptions of TP and other alternative pavement marking materials· cost/benefit analyses for each pavement marking alternativeThis information will indicate to both MDT and Montana contractors whether or not the use of TP in Montana urban areas is cost-effective.


Recently, the Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) has made the decision to discontinue thermo-plastic pavement markings (TP) on Montana roads. Given MDT’s pavement preservation program, thermo-plastics often times are overlaid before their useful life has expired, making it a non-cost-effective product to use. MDT also feels that over time, TP becomes non-reflective and discolored due to tire marks and deicers. However, Montana has several contractors who inlay TP. They argue TP is a good product that can be used cost effectively in urban situations, notably in urban settings.


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Part of: Infrastructure Maintenance and Materials, Infrastructure Longevity and Sustainability

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