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MDT Rest Area Performance Measures

Started: March, 2013 Ended: March, 2013 Project ID #4W4366 Status: Completed


The objective of this project is to develop a Research Performance Measure that helps MDT assess the costs and benefits of rest areas in the state.


In 2011, WTI completed work for the Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) to refine the figures employed in the estimation of Montana rest area use. Researchers obtained Montana-specific figures related to water flow, pedestrian traffic, vehicle traffic counts and classifications, and vehicle dwell times for trucks and smaller vehicles. This information provided MDT with up-to-date figures that can be employed in usage estimation for rest area design and rehabilitation activities. Through this follow-up project, WTI calculated a Research Performance Measure (RPM) stemming from the previous Montana Rest Area project. RPMs are benefit-cost ratios and return on investment calculations related to specific research projects and the prospective cost savings their findings generate for an agency.  The scope of the work entailed review and familiarization of previous RPM calculations completed for other projects; calculation of the respective RPM for the Montana Rest Area Usage project; and reporting activities subsequent to that calculation.


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