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Models for Estimating the Benefits for Winter Maintenance Operations

Started: August, 2011 Ended: June, 2012 Project ID #4W3705 Status: Completed


The objective of the proposed research is to identify methods for estimating the benefits – both economic and non-economic – of winter maintenance operations. Once identified, these methods and their corresponding supporting data will be employed to estimate the benefits of winter maintenance operations for different scenarios of winter-storm conditions.


Snow and ice control operations allow maintenance agencies to keep the highway system safe, mobile, reliable, and productive. Nonetheless, the cost of such activities is such a major outlay that it demands close scrutiny. To minimize the adverse effects of winter storms on road users, state and local agencies spend significant amount of resources annually performing a variety of maintenance actions. There is a need to better understand and quantitatively assess the benefits of various components or technologies of winter road maintenance relative to costs, both at the national level and at the state level. Additionally, there is a need to effectively communicate these benefits of winter maintenance operations. This research will determine what methodologies presently exist for determining the benefits of winter maintenance operations, identify what data is required to apply those methodologies, demonstrate the identified methodologies through the use of the requisite data, and summarize the findings through a final report document.


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  • National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Sponsor

Part of: Winter Maintenance and Effects

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