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Montana Four City Parking Generation/Land Use Pattern Correlation Study

Started: June, 2004 Ended: August, 2004 Project ID #425622 Status: Completed


To provide increased accuracy in parking and trip generation data utilized for review of development and urban planning and provide increased and publicly available knowledge in the area of urban development. The creation of a method, which can be used by local regulatory agencies to adjust projected parking and vehicle trip demand generation, based upon patterns of land use development.


Parking facilities are costly and space intensive. Regulatory parking requirements are often set by local governments in reference to the size and type of land use (e.g., cinema, laundromat), but the compactness and pattern of land use (i.e., the urban form) may also have influence on the need for parking. Different land use forms may have different actual parking efficiencies, that is, greater numbers of destinations arising from single parking event. If such differences exist, but are not embodied in local parking requirements, then unnecessary costs may be imposed on areas that are more parking efficient. This study aims to identify and quantify differences in parking efficiencies of common land use forms by surveying parking events in central business districts, commercial corridors, and power centers ( ) in Montana’s four largest cities; Bozeman, Missoula, Great Falls, and Billings. The hypothesis to be examined is that some commercial land use development patterns appear to be more vehicle trip generation/parking efficient than others are. It is expected that the difference can be quantified by personal questionnaire survey of vehicle users. It is expected that a more densely developed with highly connected travel routes land use pattern following the Central Business District pattern provides the most parking efficiency. At this time no other study is known to have examined this type of correlation.


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Project Tagged In: Parking, planning, Urban Development

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