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Montana Transportation Coordination Handbook: Supplement and Update

Started: February, 2007 Ended: September, 2007 Project ID #4W1555 Status: Completed


Create a supplement to update the Montana Coordinated Transportation Handbook©.


As a result of requirements contained within the national surface transportation bill (SAFETEA-LU), the Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) requires locally developed coordination plans for those applying for public transportation funds. Communities, agencies/organizations and individuals will require new tools in this coordination effort. The supplement to the Handbook© will be a link between the coordination tools in the Handbook© and the requirements in the MDT application. The Montana Coordinated Transportation Handbook© will allow social service agencies and transportation providers a step-by-step plan for coordinating transportation services aimed particularly towards developmental disabilities service providers throughout the state of Montana.


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  • Montana Developmental Disabilities Planning and Advisory Council Sponsor
  • Montana Transportation Partnership Sponsor

Part of: Mobility and Public Transportation

Project Tagged In: public transportation, Coordination, transportation coordination

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