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NADO-USDA Lebanon, Missouri Rural Transportation Feasibility Study

Project #: 4W6999
Start Date: 11/01/2017
End Date: 09/24/2018
Status: Completed

WTI will provide technical assistance to three rural communities and regions to identify and evaluate options for expanding transportation options, through a new partnership with the National Association of Development Organizations (NADO)’s Research Foundation and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). USDA sponsors technical assistance grants to rural communities and regions for transportation development, and NADO’s Research Foundation, working in conjunction with WTI, was selected to receive three grants. WTI will  conduct the technical assistance in three locations, one of which is in Missouri.


Lebanon, Missouri is interested in developing a public transportation system. WTI will develop a feasibility study that will outline how to plan, develop, and implement a public transportation system within the City of Lebanon.


  • Natalie Villwock-Witte
    Natalie Villwock-Witte