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NHI Rural ITS Toolbox Course

Started: January, 2002 Ended: December, 2002 Project ID #426372 Status: Completed


The objectives of this contract are to develop both the course and its materials to meet adult learning standards, pilot test the curriculum material to be used in conjunction with NHI Course 137007 – Rural Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Toolbox, and deliver the new course, thus enabling participants to identify the benefits of particular “tools” in engaging relevant stakeholders in the deployment of rural ITS.


It has become increasingly common for states and regions across the country to consider the potential of developing and deploying ITS solutions for their rural and small urban areas. Some of the most progressive states have also examined these opportunities from a statewide perspective. However, while there is a body of experience developing to articulate how ITS has been pursued in rural areas, it has not been shared effectively with all the potential stakeholders that could participate in ITS deployment.In order to assist with making this body of experience more accessible to potential new stakeholders, the USDOT commissioned the development of a “Toolbox” on the deployment of rural ITS. The Rural ITS Toolbox is a resource document that identifies successful rural ITS projects from across the nation. In addition, the “Toolbox” articulates the tools drawn from these deployment experiences that satisfy common challenges faced in the rural setting. The tools are categorized among the following Rural ITS Development Tracks: Emergency Services; Tourism and travel information; Traffic management; Rural transit and mobility; Crash prevention and security; Operations and maintenance; and Surface transportation and weather. The Rural ITS Toolbox was made available both electronically and in print in the fall of 2002.


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  • National Highway Institute (NHI) Sponsor
  • Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Co-Sponsor
  • Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Co-Sponsor

Part of: Safety and Operations

Project Tagged In: ITS, Professional capacity building, Rural Areas

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