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NM DOT Rumble Strips

Started: November, 2012 Ended: March, 2013 Project ID #4W4277 Status: Completed

Results & Findings

The final report summarizes research conducted on behalf of the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) to document the current practice among transportation agencies regarding the design, installation, and use of rumble strips. State-of-the-practice information was collected and synthesized through a literature review. In addition, researchers conducted interviews with NMDOT district traffic engineers to document the current use of rumble strips throughout the state. Based on the information learned through these sources, guidelines are proposed with regard to four types of rumble strip installations: shoulder, centerline, centerline & shoulder (used in combination), and transverse. Where applicable, the guidelines include recommendations to accommodate roadway usage by bicyclists.


The purpose of this study was to review the literature available on current knowledge of the different rumble strip types and applications.


The New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) currently provides standard drawings for milled centerline rumble strips (approved in 2008), transverse rumble strips at intersection approaches (approved in 2005), and milled rumble strips (shoulder rumble strips) (approved in 2006). As the popularity of rumble strips has grown, advancement in knowledge through research and application has provided more recent guidance related to rumble strips. Additionally, cultural shifts within the United States now require that a holistic consideration of users, like bicyclists, be taken into account when designing roadways. Therefore, the NMDOT funded this study to review the literature available on current knowledge of the different rumble strip types and applications. In addition, through this study, the NMDOT would like to gain a better understanding of how each of the six districts throughout the state currently applies rumble strips. The outcome of this study will be to provide guidelines that the NMDOT can use for each type of rumble strip.


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