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Northern New Hampshire Rural Mobility

Project #: 4WA104
Start Date: 10/26/2022
End Date: 08/15/2024
Status: Current

Providing effective and efficient public transportation (transit) in rural areas can be a challenge. Traditional methods of providing transit, primarily either fixed route or demand-response (dial-a-ride) transit are evolving with technology, and new methods, such as microtransit are emerging. Further, coordination among providers of transportation can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of current systems. This project will investigate the transportation/mobility needs in the area, review the current options, and provide recommendations to increase the public transportation (transit) options in the area.


Northern New Hampshire Rural Mobility will, together with the North Country Council and area stakeholders, receive research about innovative rural mobility models for discussion. In addition, the project team will conduct outreach to better understand needs and gather ideas for encouraging new solutions beyond the traditional transit that has been considered in the Coös County area. This project will benefit “transportation dependent” populations, or those who do not have the luxury to own and operate their own vehicle. It will help provide enhanced mobility to those who may struggle to have the level of mobility they desire.


  • David Kack
    David Kack